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Getting Started

Start developing and designing with If Design System. This guide includes a quick intro and links to guides, resources and more.

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This design system is based largely on the principles of atomic design. The key idea of this methodology is that small, independent - atomic - parts, can be combined into larger molecular structures. Molecular structures can be combined into larger organisms, which can then serve as the foundation for templates and full pages.

The pages and applications of if.xx sites are built with page templates and web components. This is to make sure that we have a consistent and high quality look an feel on all our web sites and pages.

The components in this library is to be used when building other web applications for If, such as web shops or logged in areas.

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The If Design System provides a way for designers and developers to create UIs and user experiences that are usable and beautiful.

This site provides instructions on how to implement the If Design System for your UI, including design, and developer guidance, components, icons, fonts and resources.

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