The JavaScript library provides interactive and initialization support for some of our components.



  • A decent bash system. For example: iTerm, Terminal in VSCode, Linux Bash, Ubuntu Bash through Windows WSL2 etc
  • Node >=14.17.3 and npm >=6.14.4
  • To be able to install packages for If Design System, you are required to setup your environment with credentials. Please follow this guide before continuing

Using npm:

// Example with the tabs component
npm i --save @ids-js/tabs

Or yarn:

// Example with the tabs component
yarn add @ids-js/tabs

Getting started

What's included

├── dist
│   ├── tabs.esm.js
│   └── tabs.iife.js
└── src
    └── tabs.js


You can also use the CDN for specific components:

Scripts URL Description
JS The JavaScript for the Tabs Component for the given version


If you experience any issues while getting set up with the libraries, please head over to our MS Teams channel. We're always glad to help!

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