Set up

1. Clone the repository


  • A decent bash system. For example: iTerm, Terminal in VSCode, Linux Bash, Ubuntu Bash through Windows WSL2 etc
  • Node >=14.17.3 and npm >=6.14.4

To be able to install packages for If Design System, you are required to setup your environment with credentials. Please follow this guide before continuing

Go here:\_git/ids-core and press "Clone". We recommend that you choose the SSH way.

If you have an SSH key, but not added it, press "Manage SSH keys" and add the key. This is the contents of your .ssh/
If you haven't set up SSH keys already, go here: and follow the instructions on how to create your SSH keys.
Press "Clone" and copy the SSH repo url to clone

Go to your prefered folder where your code or projects are, preferably not a network station, and git clone:

$ mkdir ids-core
$ cd ids-core
$ git clone .

2. Install dependencies

We recommend that you install node@>=8.14.0 and npm@>=6. You can check this with `node -v` and `npm -v`.

First we install the global npm packages required:

$ npm i -g gulp-cli@latest lerna

Then we install the root package dependencies:

$ npm i

Then we bootstrap, installing all the dependencies for the packages:

$ lerna bootstrap

As a general workflow, discard any changes to the package-lock.json-files at this stage:

$ git checkout -- packages package-lock.json

This to make sure that when you want to create a new component/package, that you have a clean slate.

Congratulations, you have now set up a developing environment for the Design System!

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