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Our visual identity Let us show you our new visual identity

Introducing our visual identity

Our customers come to us for protection against everything from life changing events to minor inconveniences. Most people, however, tend to think that insurance is somewhat complicated, which is why we make an effort to explain them as simply and personal as possible. As you would to a friend, almost. We do this all the way from on-boarding and claims handling to the services we offer. The reason is simple: because we’re truly here for our customers and will do our utmost to make their lives easier, simpler and in the end – more enjoyable.

We also know that most people tend to think that guidelines are equally complicated. So we made them simple and clear to make your job easier creating a coherent expression of our brand, with straight-to-the-point explanations and without excessive rules. So… handle with care and trust your own judgement.

Our concept, at a glance

We're here to help our customers feel supported and safe through life’s ups and downs. We’re a friendly, reliable companion. We are down-to-earth, warm and emphatic. We show our customers that we care and understand them on a personal level. We make every effort to explain things as clearly as possible.

Simply personal is how we define the visual identity and its foundation is the combination of functional and emotional. We’re as clear as possible but never compromise on the personal style and aesthetics. This design approach is applied in every brand asset, from typeface to image style in order to express the simply personal concept.

A Venn-diagram where functional and emotional becomes Simply Personal
Our concept, Simply Personal


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