To be able to follow the 4px/8px grid, you can install a plugin that makes things a bit easier for you.

Download the plugin here.

After its installed you need to manually add the shortcuts in MacOS Settings.

1. Open settings and go to keyboard settings
Keyboard settings
2. Go into Shortcuts
3. Click App Shortcuts
App Shortcuts
4. Select Adobe XD as application

You might need to manually find Adobe XD, and select it (scroll down to "Other…" at the bottom to manually find Adobe XD in Applications. Be sure to select the application Adobe XD and not the Adobe XD folder.)

Select Adobe CD
5. Give your shortcut a name

This naming convention should follow the names that the plugin has, such as Large Nudge Up. These names can be found in the Plugin Menu in Adobe XD.

Shortcut name
5. Give your shortcut a keyboard shortcut

Click Add. Thats it!

Keyboard shortcut

You can now see your shortcuts in Adobe XD:

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