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  1. Small
  2. Normal
  3. Large
  4. Largest
Be careful not to use a loader with a low contrast color
Use the best contrast color for the loader


Tip! Mouse over the loaders to start/stop the animation!
  1. Brown (BR1)
  2. Lightest beige (BE5)
  3. Blue(BL1)
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For webpages and web applications, you can use the supplied styling and the svg files located under src/svg/ (or in the downloadable bundle). If you want loaders that are animated with JavaScript only, use the svg files under src/svg/animated.

<svg class="if loader dots horizontal" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 64 64">
  <g class="if svg g">
    <circle class="if svg circle" fill="#331e11" cx="8" cy="32" r="8" />
    <circle class="if svg circle" fill="#331e11" cx="32" cy="32" r="8" />
    <circle class="if svg circle" fill="#331e11" cx="56" cy="32" r="8" />
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