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A Disclosure Card is used for cards with expandable content.

This component provides .css, .styl, .less and .scss -files.

To be able to install this component, please refer to the Project Setup documentation.

$ npm i @ids-core/disclosure-card@17.0.1

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<ul class="if cards disclosures" role="presentation">
  <li class="if" role="presentation">
      class="if disclosure-card [is-expanded]"
      <img class="if image" src="/images/travel.png" />
      <p id="expandable-text-16" class="if text body">Reseforsäkring</p>
      <p class="if expandable text meta">Dölj reseförsäkringar</p>
    <div tabindex="-1" id="expandable-content-16" class="if block expandable [is-expanded]"></div>
  <li class="if" role="presentation"></li>
  <li class="if" role="presentation"></li>


All Disclose Card containers , .cards.disclosures, can be modified with the classes one, two or three for a desired layout.

<ul class="if cards.disclosures [one|two|three]" role="presentation"></ul>
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When using the disclosure cards, it is important to add and update the required accessibility attributes.

For the container, you need to add role="presentation", since the list is not used as a list.

<ul  role="presentation"></ul>

For the list item, you need to add role="presentation", since the list item is not used as a list item.

<li class="if" role="presentation"></li>

For the button, you need to add the required aria-*-attributes:

  • aria-haspopup="true" to indicate that this control has an expandable
  • aria-expanded="false" to indicate if the disclosure card is open or not
  • aria-controls="<id to expandable content>" to indicate what the button controls
  • aria-labelledby="<id to text to label>" OR aria-label="<relevant label>"
  class="if disclosure-card"
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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See Conventional Commits for commit guidelines.

14.24.3 (2022-06-07)

Documentation Updates

  • disclosure-card: convert html examples to using MDX/React components instead (833e04e) , closes #611502

14.22.2 (2022-05-03)

Miscellaneous chores

  • package locks: update package locks (813eac7)

14.20.1 (2022-04-19)

Miscellaneous chores

  • changelog: regenerate all files (64ab385) , closes #586342
  • changelog: regenerate all changelogs after updating changelog generation (70789c9) , closes #587270

14.18.3 (2022-04-13)

Bug Fixes

  • changelog: generate new files for root and packages (349fda4) , closes #586063 . We regenerate the files to include all relevant commits and to use conventional-commits at 100%

14.16.0 (2022-04-07)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Add missing imports for global CSS Variables (fbf6f06) , closes #582437

14.9.0 (2022-03-03)

Miscellaneous chores

14.8.1 (2022-02-23)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Add missing imports of typography CSS variables (e716c65) , closes #559412

reinstall (d425056)

bootstrap (9a713df)

merge (2b1c5f1)

reinstall (5221600)

reinstall (147df55)

  • use correct versions (f1b5deb)

  • Add engines for all packages (e95dfff)

reinstall (afce1f2)

reinstall (67f3140)

  • Add to files (3338314)

Reinstall (a2abf51)

14.2.2 (2021-12-10)

Code Refactoring

reinstall (885c74b)

  • fix changelogs manually (b1232b4)

reinstall (545a069)

reinstall (e149c2c)

13.12.3 (2021-11-09)


  • 🧨 The scope for If Design System npm packages has now changed from @if-design-system to @ids-core. We have also renamed the repository from if-design-system to ids-core
  • 🧨 Util is now renamed to Utils
  • 🧨 We have now changed the navigation structure for the documentation site. Please update any saved links!
  • 🧨 Navigation structure has now changed. Please see release notes!

Documentation Updates

  • ✏️ Documentation adjustments (73c09e3) , closes #467386

  • ✏️ Move position of the quick links (5cb0897)

  • ✏️ Remove unneeded margins for shortcuts (36c7e8d)

  • ✏️ Split out CSS documentation and remove JS (6099cfe) , closes #467386

  • ✏️ Update links and change navigation structure (0bfd27d) , closes #490579

  • Clean up Disclosure Card documentation. Reduce size of examples (347921d)

Code Refactoring

  • 💡 Categorize components (9965266) , closes #490579

  • 💡 Reduce spacing tokens, use correct size tokens (97aa461)

  • 💡 Rename scope and repository (3ea5423)

  • 💡 Use new navigation structure for documentation (415aee5) , closes #490579

  • another change in the structure (38a0d2e)

Miscellaneous chores

  • 🤖 Prune changelogs (2c660c2)

  • 🤖 Remove file no longer needed (dce4414)

  • 🤖 Rename util to utils (f78721f)

bootstrap (6fc1ed8)

  • fix all old references to util (d57bf17)

  • prepare for merge (0184490)

reinstall (da80dba)

  • Rename scope and repo (257684e)

  • use correct version for utils (49e72d9)

13.11.0 (2021-10-19)


  • 🎸 Input field hot reload (eac76b7)

13.9.5 (2021-10-04)

Bug Fixes

13.9.2 (2021-09-30)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Complete the pseudo-element fix (1dcee2c)

13.7.0 (2021-09-22)

Documentation Updates

  • ✏️ Update linking layout and naming (15c383b)

13.6.3 (2021-09-17)

Bug Fixes

13.6.0 (2021-09-08)

Documentation Updates

  • Use default shortcut listing for demo links (a746602)

  • 🤖 Use node v14 (4009973)

bootstrap (d23e139)

  • 🤖 Use correct order for diff (cc6a4fd)

  • 🤖 Remove IE11 support from disclosure-card (f79d8bc) , closes #336127

12.14.1 (2021-08-12)

Miscellaneous chores

  • 🤖 Add ci task to package.json without tests (21222e0) , closes #457627

12.13.1 (2021-08-11)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Whitelist docs dir for npm packaging (1a5cfd0) , closes #457621

12.12.1 (2021-08-10)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Make sure components using fonts, have fonts bundled (d5bb642) , closes #354912

  • 🤖 Remove .gitignore, use npm package.json files instead, ignore zip files for npm pack (49f0269) , closes #412081 . This will whitelist files to be used in "npm pack"

  • 🤖 Reinstall (e660696)

  • remove char (510ce67)

  • remove char (d843b38)

  • 🤖 Update published date (61e7ccf)

12.6.0 (2021-05-27)

Bug Fixes

  • 🐛 Manually set firstPublished and lastModified (e83af7d)

  • 🐛 We don't need lastModified (e458a12)

12.0.0 (2021-05-05)


  • 🧨 All of the mixins have now been renamed
  • 🧨 USPs component is now renamed to Quick Facts
  • 🧨 This extracts the Hero variation with no image into a separate, design updated component named Header
  • 🧨 Footer is now renamed to Global Footer
  • 🧨 Extracting crosslinks to Disclosure Card


  • 🎸 Extract expandable crosslinks to Disclosure Card (cc16227) , closes #336508

  • 🎸 Rename and extract and update hero with no image to (384eb77) , closes #336508 . Header component

Code Refactoring

Documentation Updates

rebuild (7edb430)

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