If Design System’s designers and developers provide teams with universal assets — elements, components, patterns, and code — and the guidance for how to design and build with them.

The If Design System Team

Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen

Frontend Developer, Creator, Technical Lead, Contigent Worker

David Dokakis

UX, Design Lead

Jānis Cimbulis

Frontend Developer

Gatis Grečkovskis

Frontend Developer

Monta Ārste

Frontend Developer

Oļegs Baļss

Design, UX Designer

Cecilia Fredberg

Product Owner

Key external personell

The If Design System team is not just one team. To sustain productive contribution and maintain a clear direction for the design system as a whole, various people work together with us to provide direction, governance, and support.

Anders Granåker

Development Manager

Ida Sundborg

Head of UX and Service Design


We want to pay our respects to our former co-workers in the If Design System team, and thank them for the time spent with us.

Daniel Lugn

Frontend Developer, Contigent Worker

Deniss Muhļa

Frontend Developer, Secondment

Espen Staver

Visual Designer, Contigent Worker

Ida Sundborg

Product Owner

Ina Rønning Johansen

Visual Designer, Contigent Worker

Līga Lētiņa

Interrim Product Owner

Sirar Salih

Developer for Relax

Arthur Myhre Scott

Head UX and co-creator of Relax