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The If Design System is a resource for designers, developers and anyone creating digital solutions or content in If, providing a common language and visual presence.

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  1. May 4th Release Notes

    Overview This is release notes for every change from v14.0.0 until v14.22.3. We've focused on delivering components with themeability in…

    Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen
  2. v14 Release Notes

    Overview If Design System v14 focuses on new navigational structure for the documentation site, documentation separation, package separation…

    Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen
  3. v10 Release Notes

    Input fields has been added in a peer dependency for the affected packages. This is to alleviate the footprint, but also to make sure that…

    Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen
  4. v12 Release Notes

    This release is mainly a refactoring release, with few additions. Components We have renamed and extracted several components. The reasoning…

    Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen